On Wednesday, a tiger that was spotted on a Georgia highway was shot dead after it entered a backyard of a house in Atlanta and attacked the family dog. At the time, the origin of the tiger was a complete mystery. An animal sanctuary was contacted but they said all their animals were accounted for.

As reported by CNN, it turns out the Bengal tiger went by the name of Suzy and had escaped from a transport truck. The six-year-old tiger used to perform with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and was being transported along with 13 other big cats from Florida to Memphis, Tennessee.

Truck driver makes a rest stop

The truck had apparently made a quick rest stop in the area. Stephen Payne, a spokesman for Feld Entertainment, said that the cats were usually given food and water during the rest stop. He said that Suzy may have escaped at that time without anyone noticing. According to Payne, he has no idea how the tiger managed to get away but said the driver was unaware of Suzy’s absence until they arrived at their final destination in Tennessee.

Tiger was shot dead

As reported by CBS 46, after the tiger was spotted by drivers on the highway, Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary was contacted, but they said all their animals were accounted for. However, they were sending staff out in an effort to sedate the tiger to take her to safety.

In the meantime, Suzy had made her way into a residential neighborhood where she attacked Journey, Brittney Speck’s Dachshund dog. Officers were then forced to shoot the tiger, as they had no tranquilizer gun handy. The officers then handed Journey back to Speck, unharmed.

Suzy was comfortable around people

It was after an employee with Feld Entertainment spotted the news about the mysterious tiger in Georgia that they contacted Henry County Police to let them know they were missing a big cat.

Payne said the tiger and the other big cats from the circus had been around people all their lives and were “comfortable” with people. However, he understood that the tiger had been attacking a family pet and that police had no option but to shoot her.

Big cats heading to Germany

Suzy and the other big cats were heading back to their owner in Europe after the Ringling Bros.

and Barnum & Bailey circus closed its tent flaps after 146 years. Following several years of protests by animal rights activists against the use of animals in circuses, Feld Entertainment had decided to call it a day. Meanwhile, the other 13 big cats are headed to Germany, where Payne believes they will be joining another circus.