First daughter Ivanka Trump condemned the violent protests in Charlottesville by sending a tweet last Sunday, US Magazine reported.

“There should be no place in the society for neo-Nazis, white supremacy and racism. We should all be one nation united, and come together as Americans,” she posted on Twitter with the hashtag “Charlottesville.”

The violent protests in Virginia escalated beginning last Saturday, leaving three people dead, according to US Magazine. It was a rally by alt-right protesters due to the removal of the statue of a Confederate general.

The news article interpreted her tweet, and stated that her word usage came “as a surprise” after her father, United States president Donald Trump was reportedly criticized for not denouncing the protesters despite giving his personal statement during the weekend.

Donald Trump tweets

A previous report on US Weekly stated that celebrities and social media personalities urged Trump to comment on the situation. The president also tweeted his comments, before holding a press briefing. Aside from them, members of the Republican party also called him out to make some comments. These members include John McCain and Marco Rubio.

He started out the tweet with the same statement that his daughter wrote.

“We must all unite and condemn all that hate stands for,” Trump wrote.

“There is no place for this kind of violence in this country. Let us come together as one.”

During the press briefing, the president told reporters that the American people should condemn the show of hatred, violence and bigotry on several sides. He noted that it has been going on in the country for such a long time.

Reactions over the president’s statements were furious.

They noted that he did not even condemn the protesters, nor used derogatory terms such as “racism, “white supremacy,” and “Neo-Nazis,” just like Ivanka did.

The violent protest

The protests were participated by alt-right advocates who gathered at the University of Virginia to air their voices on the removal of the statue of Robert E.

Lee, a Confederate general, Associated Press reported. The governor of Virginia has declared a state of emergency.

White nationalists came together lighting torches, Nazi flags and Confederate flags around the college town last Friday. The violence escalated during the weekend, leaving some people dead, the report further noted. This is by far the biggest protest held this year.