How far can Melania Trump’s political powers go? The first lady recently threatened to file a lawsuit against billboards placed in Croatia that mocked her English language skills, Fortune reported.

The billboard came from the American Institute and had a slogan that read, “Just imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English.” It also featured a photograph of her delivering a speech at the Republican National Convention in 2016.

A spokesperson for the American Institute already issued an apology for the offensive advertisement campaign, noting that it was not their intention to mock Melania but rather, present her as a “role model.”

Meanwhile, White House spokesperson Stephanie Grisham argued that the company “used Mrs.

Trump’s image and personality for commercial purposes without her consent.” She added that the particular billboard advertisement violated certain regulations stipulated in the advertising code. The first lady has also hired her legal counsel for this matter as well, the report added.

School’s explanation

The American Institute is a company that provides English lessons to its students. Spokesperson Ivis Buric explained that they chose the first lady Melania Trump for their billboard advertisement because she is “the most recognized emigrant to the United States from this region,” Fortune also noted.

Melania is a fashion model born in Slovenia. She married United States President Donald Trump in 2005 and has a son named Barron Trump.

However, her roots are still evident when she speaks English.

The image that the company used for their billboard, which was from her Republication National Convention speech, also earned criticism because of the structure. It was the infamous speech criticized for plagiarizing parts of former first lady Michelle Obama.

Melania’s strong accent

This does not mean that Melania Trump could not speak English well. In fact, she is fluent in five languages – German, French, Serbo-Coat, English and her mother tongue, Slovenian.

It is the accent that people always notice.

The First Lady has hired a legal counsel specifically to defend her on issues such as these. These cases are filed against companies that use her image for commercial purposes, such as drinks, cakes, and salamis.

She is the first naturalized American citizen to become the First Lady. In the course of her husband's presidency, she has attended various events, such as the recent luncheon hosted by the United Nations General Assembly.