On Thursday, the supreme leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un warned that he will make President Donald Trump "pay dearly" for his words of ruining his country at the United Nations General Assembly, ABC News reported. North Korea is going to respond strictly to the US provocation, he stated.

Kim noted that President Trump should select the words more carefully when he speaks in front of the whole world. According to the DPRK officials, N. Korea can launch a massive hydrogen bomb in the region of the Pacific Ocean.

Donald Trump's reaction

On Friday, Trump wrote on Twitter that N.

Korean leader "is obviously a madman" who "would be tested like never before." According to Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho, Kim Jong-un makes the final decisions himself, as he said: "we have no idea about what actions could be taken by leader Kim Jong Un."

On September 19, Donald Trump stated that the US is going to ruin N. Korea as a defense for the US or its allies, adding that N. Korean leader "is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime." President Trump stated that the world leaders should support his decision to isolate the DPRK, as its leader is obsessed with nuclear weapons and is reckless.

The DPRK leader's position

Kim considers that President Trump has mental problems and that the US declared the war itself.

The DPRK leader believes that Trump's actions convince Kim that his choice is right, instead of frightening or stopping North Korea. He considers that it is the one and only right way which North Korea is going to follow.

According to North’s official Korean Central News Agency, Kim noted on Friday morning that unlike Trump, he selects the further actions carefully, so he will tame the US with fire and do something beyond Trump's expectation.

The DPRK leader canceled his speech at the UN General Assembly scheduled on September, 22.

In summer, the DPRK launched a pair of missiles over the territory of Japan. On Thursday, Itsunori Onodera, Defense Minister of Japan, said that as the situation between the two regimes tightened again, Japan must prepare for a new bomb in the area of the Pacific Ocean which can be tested by North Korea suddenly.

He explained that Japan cannot deny the possibility that the bomb will go over its territory, CNN reported.

The White House did not give any comments to Kim's warning, but recently it had stated that foreign financial institutions should choose whether they will do business with the United States or facilitate trade with North Korea and its supporters.