Gal Gadot lead Superhero film “Wonder Woman” achieved a new milestone over the weekend. The hit Patty Jenkins-directed movie hit the $800 million worldwide box office earnings mark while placing first on Amazon’s bestselling Blu-ray pre-order films.

"Wonder Woman" is the top grossing superhero origin movie of all time

Since its May release, “Wonder Woman” became a huge success. The superhero film has set new box office records. According to The HDRoom, its weekend sales pushed the film’s worldwide box office earnings beyond the $800 million mark.

The total earnings consist of $404 million domestic and $396 million international sales respectively. The movie is the first female-directed live-action movie that has set an astonishing box office record before it was even launched in the lucrative Japanese market.

Its current level of sales makes “Wonder Woman” the top grossing superhero origin film of all time, beating several other iconic superhero origin films including Iron Man and all other DC – Marvel origin story movies. The popularity of the film has also reached the home video industry. The demand for Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray pre-orders of the movie is experiencing overwhelming demand. The HDRoom also reports that the “Wonder Woman” Blu-ray combo pack is now on top of the Blu-ray bestsellers chart of Amazon while the Blu-ray 3D combo pack and 4K Ultra Blu-ray pack sits on the third and sixth spots respectively.

Negotiation with Patty Jenkins continues

With its massive success, clamor for a “Wonder Woman” sequel was almost instant. According to Sunday World, movie producers already gave a go signal for a second film which will be launched in December 2019. During the Comic Conference last month, producers also confirmed that former Ms.

Universe contestant Gal Gadot will reprise her titular role.

However, signing original director Patty Jenkins for the sequel is still uncertain. The filmmaker has been negotiating with Warner Bros. for quite some time now. According to The News, the delay is caused by a disagreement in terms of fees. Reports claim that Jenkins wants a raise in her pay so that she can receive as much as male directors.

The News adds that if Hollywood would uphold gender equality, Jenkins’ should make about $8 to $10 million for the movie sequel.

Jenkins’ is best known for a number of critically acclaimed films. In 2003, she wrote and directed the film “Monster” which landed Charlize Theron an Oscar. The director was also behind several episodes of TV shows including “The Killing” and “Entourage.” Fans need not worry though since several reports claim that Warner Bros. is up for the Jenkins deal.