Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been convicted of contempt of court after ignoring rules about profiling those his department arrested. He branded himself as the toughest Sheriff in America, but it appears that he used these profiling skills to harm people who were disenfranchised. He has been successfully sued by two journalists who were illegally arrested, and the criminal court found him in contempt. He now plans to hold a rally with Donald Trump in Arizona, but it appears that they cannot write a Carte Blanche for racism in Arizona.

His record speaks for itself

Sheriff Arpaio has a record of racism and profiling that speaks for itself. His conviction for criminal contempt is enough to show that he has not acted in the good faith of the public interest, and he is rubbing elbows with Donald Trump because he knows that is a safe place for him to go for support. He has asked the public for help with his legal fees as illustrated in the header image of this article, and it is important for the public to remember that Arpaio was branding himself as a tough Sheriff without truly seeking out criminals. They took the easy way out, and there are many in Arizona who are not in favor of his tactics.

There will likely be a counterprotest

The counterprotests of the confederate monument rallies have shown that many people will not stand for racism and bigotry in their communities, and it is quite possible that a massive rally in Arizona will be met with a large rally in counterprotest. Donald Trump wants the chance to have as much tension as possible because he has shown over a campaign and the beginning of his presidency that he likes exciting dramatic events.

Having this rally will present an opportunity for many to confront one another, and it will give Arpaio his 15 minutes of fame once again.

The Frontera Fund

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is a direct result of Arpaio illegal arrest of reporters who had information on Arpaio. They are fighting for equality, and they have shown that Arpaio is one who could not be trusted in a publicly-elected office.

He lost his election because people such as this are fighting back, and his rally with Donald Trump allows him to have the fame that he requires to push his agenda. These two must work together because they know that people such as myself will talk about it in the media. The rally itself is another chance for their arcane ideas to be challenged.