Wonder Woman” is on its track to becoming a major hit this summer. Director Patty Jenkins looks excited about her project and is likely to bring forth a sequel in coming months.

Jenkins told The Hollywood Reporter that making a top-grossing comic book movie was not so easy especially as she is new to the film industry. She was concerned about the quality of her film, its storyline, star cast, visual effects, and locations. Patty tried her best to select the best locations for her movie.

‘Wonder Woman’ by a female director

Wonder Woman” has so far made over $430 million at the global box office against a worldwide budget of $149 million Forbes reported.

The film has scored best box office debut this summer, even though Deadline speculated that ‘Cars 3’ might still "zoom past ‘Wonder Woman’ for the top box office spot"

Two most interesting elements of the movie are: it is directed by a female (Patty Jenkins), and a young lady (Gal Gadot) plays the leading role. No one expected that the movie would do such an exceptional business and it is all thanks to Jenkins for her hard work and Gadot for her beautiful performance. It would not be wrong to say that Patty has managed to produce an incredible movie, leaving a good impression in the minds of Hollywood fans.

Film at the box office

It is expected that “Wonder Woman” will take a few weeks to touch the $1 billion mark.

If it happens, the movie may break the records of “Beauty and the Beast” ($1.20 billion), and other similar films. Wonder Woman, who first appeared in a comic book series, has made a comeback to the big screen after 75 years. Gal Gadot has beautifully played the role of Princess Diana. The actress describes her character as full of powers, strengths, courage, and humbleness.

Business Insider reported on 11 June that "Wonder Woman" followed up its record-breaking opening weekend last week by "winning the United States box office for a second-straight weekend with an estimated $57 million, according to Exhibitor Relations, a dip of only 45% from last weekend."

CNBC tell us that the movie has now brought in a total of $205 million domestically.

With the release of “The Mummy,” featuring Sofia Boutella and Tom Cruise, everyone expected that this monster movie would give tough competition to the Gal Gadot film. Unfortunately, neither “The Mummy” nor “Baywatch” could touch the caliber of Jenkin’s film. It makes us believe that “Wonder Woman” is a major blockbuster this summer, and may win a lot of awards in coming months.

At the box office, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2,” and “Beauty and the Beast” have been the highest-grossing movies of the year. Hopefully, “Wonder Woman” will join this race of top-earning movies in next few weeks. The film has made over $430 million worldwide in its first two weeks, which is far better than the totals of “The Mummy.”