Walmart has already issued an apology after one of its stores identified guns as back-to-school items in one store display, Cnn Money reported.

According to the article, the shopping store placed a sign that read “Own the school like a hero” directly on top of a glass box filled with guns. social media was abuzz of the display, condemning this act by the store.

Walmart has already responded after the photo of the display circulated online, CNN Money said. The shopping store’s spokesperson Charles Crowson said that the company is not delighted about the “truly awful and horrible” exhibit.

The company is reportedly working hard to find out which Walmart store the display is located, to make sure that the sign is removed.

As of Wednesday evening, it is reportedly not yet certain whether the sign has been removed. According to the report, they are still trying to find the actual location of the display.

However, recent reports stated that the company was able to find the store and had the sign removed from the gun display. Crowson admitted the mistake, the article added.

Twitter enraged

The display of the sign that promoted back-to-school season with the gun exhibit has been heavily criticized on social media. CNN reported that netizens cried foul over Twitter and demanded a word from Walmart.

Website Romper reported some of the Twitter comments.

“This makes me want to go back to bed and forget everything about today,” Twitter user Adam E. Ross wrote.

Jethro Blue commented on social media, “I've seen a lot of disturbing pictures of folks shopping at WalMart, but this tops them all.”

Discussions over social media went on.

One Twitter account mentioned Littleton, Colorado as the location of the store that showed the controversial display, Romper stated.

Guns in Walmart

Walmart has previously gotten customers infuriated over some of its marketing strategies.

According to another report on CNN, the company’s store branch in Panama City Beach placed stacked boxes of Coca-Cola in what seemed to be a visual attempt to commemorate the September 11 attacks. The display was also taken down.

Gun control advocates have reportedly criticized the store for selling guns in-store. Romper stated that the shopping store seemed to be giving consumers easy access to fire arms.

“It is likely that the signage in the picture from Wednesday taken at a Walmart was a prank or a simple mistake made by an underpaid employee. But school shootings are nothing to laugh about,” the article mentioned.