The popular 60s comedy show “The Munsters” is coming back to our screens with a second attempt at a Reboot, with Seth Meyers executive producing.

Here come ‘The Munsters’ yet again

This will be the second attempt to reboot the show and producers will reportedly be doing a new take on the sitcom, which will feature the offbeat, lovable monster family, just trying to fit in, while the hipster culture moves into Brooklyn around them. So far no casting details have been revealed.

Seth Meyers will be executive producing the show with Mike Shoemaker, while Jill Kargman, star of “Odd Mom Out” will write the script.

The show will come under the banner of Universal TV, who produced the original series, running from 1964 to 1966 on CBS for 70 episodes.

The first revival attempt of "The Munsters" was made back in 2012 under the guise of “Mockingbird Lane,” and with similar characters, but after the pilot aired on Halloween, the show didn’t get picked up by the networks.

Lovable monster family in 'The Munsters'

Among the characters, the original family featured a sweet Frankenstein’s monster, a loveable Dracula and a young version of Wolfman. Herman Munster, the version of Frankenstein’s monster, was played by Fred Gwynne while his wife Lily had a classic “Bride of Frankenstein” look with Yvonne de Carlo in the role.

The lovable vampire, Dracula-like grandpa was played by Al Lewis, with Butch Patrick in the role of the Munsters werewolf son, Eddie. There was one relatively normal character in the show, with Pat Priest in the role of the family’s teenage niece.

Bleeding Cool mentions the two monster-related shows that played in the past, with both “The Munsters” and “Addams Family” having similar themes.

However, while the “Addams Family” was a monstrous and odd family wanting to just live out their lives doing what they did best, with a more unsettling side to their characters, “The Munsters,” despite their odd appearances, were just a “normal” family.

Reboots in the works

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, there have been a series of attempts at reboots in recent times, some of which were successful, while others failed horribly.

NBC brought in a reboot of the popular “Heroes” series with “Heroes Reborn,” but it tanked after one badly-rated season. However the revived “Hawaii Five-0” did well for NBC.

Another reboot for NBC is the revival of the popular “Will & Grace.” As recently reported, producers will be changing the history on that one, after the series finale had featured the titular characters as having kids at college. The new iteration of the sitcom will show the pair as single and childless, once again living together.

Meanwhile, ABC is also rewriting history in the upcoming reboot of “Roseanne.” In the finale of that show, Roseanne’s husband Dan was revealed to have died of his heart attack and that the season had been purely in Roseanne’s imagination. In the upcoming reboot, Dan will be alive and well, as if nothing ever happened.