Walmart, the largest retail store in the United States has put a statement out that they will ban an Arkansas woman for life after saying Racial Slurs to other customers. "Behaviors and acts like these will not be tolerated in any of our establishments," said a spokesperson from Walmart.

What happened at Walmart?

Eva Hicks minded her own business while shopping in a Bentonville, Arkansas Walmart. When Hicks attempted to reach for an item on a shelf in the pharmacy aisle near another patron's basket, she was slammed with racial insults. “Someone has to bother me in every aisle I go in,” the woman said as she moved her cart.

When Hicks pulled out her phone to record the woman’s intensity, she was immediately insulted with something she never thought she would here. “Go back to Mexico,” the woman stated while telling Hicks how rude she was. "We don’t want you here,” she continued. At this point, another shopper, an African-American, came over to intervene and ask the woman to calm down. The woman continued to yell at the woman when she then said, “You are ignorant.” The shopper then continued, “An (n-word) is calling me ignorant?"

At this time, a Walmart employee came over to try and resolve the situation. “She has just as much right to be here as you do,” the employee said. The woman only got angrier and continued.

Because the woman was refusing to give up on the insults, the employee calmly asked her to leave. As the woman started walking away, she continued to attack Hicks with racial insults. At one point Hicks was crying, and the woman was seen mocking her, continuing to tell her to go away. This conflict, which lasted three minutes, was certainly a shocking experience for Eva Hicks.

What happened next? Did the woman get banned?

Hicks told NBC News in an interview, “I had never experienced anything like this in my life. No one has ever talked to me with such filth and insult.” New York Post writer, Shaun King, later posted a tweet demanding that Walmart bans the shopper for life.

A Walmart representative later retweeted Shaun King's tweet.

“We value and respect everyone who shops at our stores. We have no tolerance for such language and actions and are proud of the actions set forth by the assistant manager," Walmart said in a statement. Walmart also told newscasts that they were attempting to identify the woman shown in the video, and as soon as they do, they will ban her from all their stores for life.