Spotsylvania County got a call for a Welfare Check in a Virginia neighborhood after residents of the neighborhood did not spot anyone coming or going from a particular house. The officers arrived to do a welfare check at the home on July 29 and were greeted by a 43-year-old man named Kariem Ali Muhammad Moore. Kariem did not let the officers enter the home. When the officers were arguing with the man, they noticed a woman and two children running out of the house from a side door. The officers were immediately alerted that something was amiss.

Kariem was immediately arrested and is accused of using intimidation and threats to keep a woman and two children captive in the house for more than two years.

Neighbors clueless about more people living in the home

None of the neighbors had any idea that there were three other people living in the house. Kariem was known as he was the only one who would come out publicly. There were two cars found in the driveway of the house. It appeared they had not been taken out in a while as they had flat tires. Kariem was unemployed and would rarely come out to run errands, but when he did, he would use a two wheeler play.

What is the condition of the victims and who are they?

The 32-year-old woman who was kept hostage in the house is said to be Kariem's girlfriend, and she is in a critical state with untreated health issues.

The two children aged 8 and 11 were also given medical attention and then sent to live with a relative. The investigators believe that the children have never been outside or to a school.

The authorities arrested the accused on the spot on Saturday, July 29. He is being held in Rappahannock Regional jail without a bond. The man has multiple felony charges against him, which includes three charges of abduction and one of assault.

Are the children Moore's?

It is believed that the accused Moore fathered the two children with the woman who was kept hostage for the past two years. The county received a call from a concerned neighbor who had not seen the family in a while and feared that something may have happened to the woman and the children. Moore was rarely seen out and stayed home most of the times.

The police stated that there are no signs of abuse or assault on the woman or the children. However, they fear that the kids have been kept secluded for a very long time and have never gone to school for a formal education. Hopefully, the ex-girlfriend will recover from the trauma soon and be able to function in society once again.