Soon, millions of Americans will be looking to renew their healthcare, and for those who have enrolled in Obamacare, things are looking dark and murky. The affordable care act is one of the most renowned feats of the previous president, Barack Obama, and one of Trump's most hated legislation.

This year, the Affordable Care Act and 'non-profit' healthcare will be taken into the hands of an administration that is extremely adverse to the cause and has been trying their best to get the act repealed by Congress. With affordable healthcare in the hands of the Trump administration, many healthcare providers who partnered with Obamacare are worried about their clients, and still have no clue what they should tell their clients to expect in terms of healthcare prices and coverage.

Trump administration refuses to answer questions

The people already have their doubts about the new administration and their commitment to the Affordable Care Act. While former GOP representative, Tom Price, who is now the head of the department of Health and Services, may morally want to continue Obama's healthcare revolution, his boss, Trump, is completely against it.

The worst part about this entire situation though is that the healthcare providers who have previously paired up with the government, and the people who have been provided healthcare through the Affordable Care Act, have no clue what may happen.

Healthcare crisis is inevitable when there are no answers

If Trump's plan works out before the end of the year, and the Affordable Healthcare Act is repealed, millions of people could end up without healthcare.

This could be disastrous for the United States and its healthcare market.

Even now, people may not be aware that the enrollment window on has been reduced to 45 days, which is half as much as it has been in the last three years. Are the people aware that this year's enrollment will end on the 15th of December?

The people are being given no information about how the government plans to handle the changes that Trump is imposing.

It's even more likely that they do not have a plan.

Several navigating groups and non-profit partners have questions as well. They have been asking what type of role the government plans to take, whether there will be the same amount of funding, and whether the government plans on executing a campaign for affordable healthcare. All questions have been given an answer that we have heard many times since Trump has taken office.

"We are working on it."