Things had just begun looking up for Victoria Azarenka, a star of women tennis. She had been away from the sport for a long time and was unable to participate in any tournaments because of her pregnancy. It was around this time last year that Azarenka decided to withdraw from the 2016 US Open due to pregnancy, and once again family issues have forced her to put aside her career and focus on family matters.

Victoria Azarenka missed last year's US Open and gave birth to her son in December. After that, she took some time to make herself fit and ready for her return to the tennis tour.

She played her first tournament in June, and although she did not do amazingly well, losing in the second round of Mallorca, a grass court tournament, she showed some incredible improvement just a few weeks later at this year's Wimbledon.

She lost in the fourth round of the esteemed grass court tournament to Simona Halep, a formidable opponent, and it seemed as if Victoria Azarenka would be back in her tournament winning form, a form where she reached the US Open final twice in 2012 and 2013, only to lose to Serena Williams both times. The former world number one has won the Australian Open twice and is sorry that she won't be able to play at Flushing Meadows this year.

Azarenka separated from father shortly after Wimbledon.

Azarenka separated from the father of her child, Billy McKeague, only a little while after Wimbledon ended, and after that, both of them were pulled into a Custody Battle. Proceedings have been underway, and no final decision has yet been made by the court or any authority.

Therefore, the child is confined to the state of California and is unable to leave the state with either parent due to court placed restrictions.

Azarenka is once again pulled away from her career due to her responsibilities as a parent, a sacrifice that many athletes are forced to make at a certain time in their life. Although Azarenka did not dig deeper into her thoughts on missing the US Open and being forced to put her career on hold again, she did say that a parent should not have to 'decide between their child and their career.' Along with the US Open, Victoria Azarenka has also withdrawn herself from two other tournaments, one in Stanford, California, and another in Mason, Ohio.

Victoria will 'dearly miss being in New York'

Victoria Azarenka has stated that she is 'sadly unable to compete' at the US Open this year and that she has 'enjoyed some of the best moments of her career' at Flushing Meadows. Victoria puts her hope in the fact that she will be able to compete at the US Open next year. Because of her withdrawal, Misa Eguchi of Japan will be able to participate in the main draw this year, and hopefully, we will see more of Azarenka once her family matters are settled.