Every since news of Hurricane Harvey has been received by the public, things have been close to chaos down there. Warnings to evacuate have been issued via the news, and even then people have been unable to evacuate completely. Even though Texas is not new to the damage and destruction that hurricanes can cause, it was unable to be fully prepared for the onslaught of water and wind that has come along with Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey is likely to surpass Hurricane Ike and Tropical Storm Allison, and rain has been falling in cities for days.

These cities include places like inland Austin and San Antonio. It has been pouring along the Gulf Coast of Texas to Houston.

More rain to come from Hurricane Harvey

Forecasters say that rains will continue until the end of this week at least, and many people have already been buried under 24 inches of water. The locals have had to face disastrous situations that threatened the safety of individuals. The reason that Hurricane Harvey has been such a menace to the towns in Texas is due to its slow speed. It moves at an extremely slow pace, at about three miles per hour, allowing it to drop enough water that severe flooding has ensued in several areas.

Death toll is now five people

The Death Toll has begun, and five people have been killed by Harvey.

The residents have been advised against holing up in their attic, unless they are able to find a way to break through the roof. More than a dozen people have been injured as well, and there are an expected hundreds of more people who will request emergency assistance by the time Harvey is over.

People are effected the worst by the hurricane, and there have been several dramatic events that have taken place throughout the effected cities.

Thousands of people have been rescued not only by the police and dedicated fire fighters, but also by neighbors. 911 is forced to prioritize rescues based on who is in the most danger. People have been breaking into second floor apartments so that they have mobility. People have been waist deep in water and have even stranded and trapped when trying to escape water logged places in Texas cities.

Louisiana Governor, John Bel Edwards encouraged Trump to make issue the disaster declaration, and it was approved on Monday. Locals and and near by residents are being urged to show compassion and an urgency to help people in need. Donations can be made to the Red Cross and the Salvation army. Airbnb is also doing its part by waiving service fees for those who effected by the disaster.