Sasha Obama was caught in a make out session with a stranger at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. Onlookers snapped photos and took videos of the 16-year-old looking cozy with a guy that might be her new Boyfriend, according to Radar Online and Celebrity Confidential.

Photos surface of PDA

What's known about Sasha's guy is that his name is Matt Metzler, who's said to have a controversial reputation, Celebrity Insider reports. She was seen talking briefly with him before they engaged in some heavy PDA. Two photos of the pair emerged online with Sasha Obama seen wearing a black crop top, yellow baseball hat, and her boyfriend wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

The photo is captioned: "Matt gonna get Sasha Obama." It's unknown if the caption is meant as a joke from someone affiliated with the guy that the former first daughter is getting passionate with.

Sasha's sister gets down with the music

Sasha has been the less rowdy one of the Obama daughters. Her 19-year-old sister, Malia, was also at Lollapalooza in Chicago and was seen on video dancing wildly to The Killers' performance. She was backstage with friends for most of the festival, but came out to dance later on. It wasn't seen so much as a dance as it was a headbanging session.

The Harvard-bound student was on the ground rolling around in the grass and acting "crazy" to the music.

Another video showed Malia being carted out of Lollapalooza when she was too tired to leave on her own two feet. She also lost her iPhone at the music festival and had a hard time replacing it at the Apple Store because she didn't know her Apple ID. Apparently, the White House set up her account.

Back to school

Both young women will be starting school soon with Sasha returning to Sidwell Friends in Washington, D.C.

for her junior year and Malia starting her college years at Harvard. Malia just had a gap year after graduating Sidwell Friends. Malia has worked as an intern for a movie producer in New York City and is gearing up for a new life in college. Will there be reports of her attending a lot of university parties once she begins?

If so, there's sure to be witnesses with cameras ready to post anything scandalous online.

Sasha Obama has a tamer image when compared to her older sister, but maybe with a new boyfriend she'll let her guard down a little more. It would be nice to see Sasha and Malia have a nice guy in their lives. The two can move more freely not being under the same kind of microscope that they were when their father was the U.S. president. As Obama said in one of his final interviews as president, the two teens were more than ready to move on and be accompanied with less Secret Service agents.

What do you think of Sasha Obama and her new man together?