Malia Obama was so languid after her flailing dance moves at Lollapalooza in Chicago that she needed help leaving. The 19-year-old was so tired that she was carted off in a golf cart. New video shows the former first daughter on a golf cart sitting with her arms crossed and barely able to keep her head up.

Making the most of a gap year

Malia is enjoying the final months of her gap year before attending Harvard this fall. Many would say she's making the most of her time before school begins after she was spotted throwing herself into a wild dance routine that's making headlines.

While at the Lollapalooza music festival, Malia did more than cut a rug...she was headbanging and rolling around on the ground to some music.

Former first daughter lets loose

TMZ reported that Malia Obama was backstage at the event with her friends for most of the set, but came out to the general area later to dance when The Killers played. She didn't care that cameras were around capturing her "crazy" moves on the ground as she rolled around on the grass. Check out the video below:

A separate video shows Malia Obama being carted off the premises at Lollapalooza, but it's unknown what the time lapse is between the footage of her dancing and having to be wheeled out of the music festival. There aren't any firm details on why she was so out of it other than that she overdid herself having a great time.

All that's known is that both videos must have been shot the same evening because she was in the same clothes. See video below:

Malia loses cell phone

Page Six reported that Malia Obama lost her cell phone and had to visit an Apple Store. A source said she didn't know her Apple ID when she went to replace it.

Obama daughter loves Lollapalooza

Last year the 19-year-old was in the news as well for her appearance at Lollapalooza. There were rumors that she was smoking marijuana after photos surfaced of her puffing on what looked like a rolled cigarette. For most of the summer, Malia was the subject of tabloid fodder after more images of her were posted online partying hard at house parties and for being at a party in Martha's Vineyard that was called in for being too loud.

How does dad feel about Malia's partying?

The reports of Malia Obama's wild partying are getting some flack from critics who don't think the media should be intruding on her fun. Supporters don't think it's fair to judge former President Barack Obama's daughter for going through a "rite of passage." Last fall it was claimed that Obama was unhappy with his daughter over her conduct in the public eye. Most of the speculations rested on the body language seen between the two, but nothing was confirmed in terms of whether there was any family tension. Barack has said in the past that he doesn't worry about his teenage daughters because they were mostly raised by his wife and Michelle did an excellent job.

Malia's sister having her own fun

For her part, Sasha Obama makes news in a similar way, but on a different level. The 16-year-old (who will continue school at Sidwell Friends in Washington, D.C. this year) was seen at Lollapalooza kissing a stranger after talking to him briefly. It's unknown if he's her boyfriend or if they just met at the music festival. Both Obama girls are getting their share of media coverage after a fun-filled weekend in Chicago.

While Malia and Sasha Obama are enjoying their newfound freedom after living life as first daughters, they joined their parents for a family vacation in June -- traveling with them to Hawaii and Indonesia.