Michelle Obama managed to stun everyone by wearing a loose-fitting, strappy top while strolling around Tuscany on Monday. The day before, she wore a similar number that was pink, only it was off-the-shoulder on one side. Her flowy white top looked as if it was about to fall off, with one side of straps completely cascading over her arms and the other side held up with one strap.

Former first lady favors a relaxed look

Obama also had on a pair of khaki-colored pants and sunglasses with the white top.

She and Barack Obama arrived in Italy last week for some sightseeing and speaking events. The two stayed five nights at the Borgo Finocchieto, a villa that's owned by John Philips, the former president’s ambassador to Italy. The cost per night is usually $15,000 and it's believed the former first couple stayed free of charge. The villa was the best place for the Obamas to stay given the privacy factor. There was a ban on wild boar hunting around the area during the Obamas' stay as a precaution against the former president being accidentally shot. Both will leave Italy on Wednesday.

Michelle got people talking again with another outfit she wore in Italy.

She had on a multi-colored caftan that fell off one shoulder and flat sandals when she was having lunch and drinks with Barack at the Tuscan villa. The former first lady has a penchant for light clothing that manages to both cover her body but show off it off at the same time. If anyone can make shoulders and arms sexy in a top, Michelle Obama is doing just that.

Other styles people love about Michelle

Last month a photo of Michelle paddle boarding in the South Pacific got a lot of attention when she wore a one-piece swimsuit. There was another image circulating on social media with her hair completely natural while on vacation. Women were lauding Obama for embracing her natural look and being unashamed to show it off.

Barack Obama prefers tidy look in his off time

While Michelle Obama opts for a far more casual appearance in her off time, Barack prefers a tidy look. He was spotted with a crisp shirt that was unbuttoned at the top and a pair of slacks in Tuscany. He was also seen golfing in his usual attire and was in sports gear riding bikes with members of his Secret Service team a few days ago. Michelle was spotted hiking with a group of people wearing Under Armour sportswear that consisted of a racer back top and a black cap.

The Obamas are fast becoming fashion trend-setters with their immense popularity. Whatever Michelle wears during her private time captivates the public. What do you think of her loose-fitting styles?