"Welcome back to the West Wing!" is written near the entrance door of the West Wing, which was recently renovated in the White House, as reported by CNN. The changes in the West Wing and the house of the President were made when he was on a vacation in New Jersey for 17 days.

The significant changes

The 200-member team of different agencies, such as the General Services Administration (GSA) or the National Park Service, made significant cosmetic and infrastructural changes. The brand-new look cost $3.4 million.

The West Wing got the fresh wallpaper, wood floors, and carpeting, as well as some more eagle statues and new furniture, which was chosen for its decoration and comfort.

President Trump chose the classic style. The heating system, the IT system, and AC system, which have been serving for 27 years in the White House, were also upgraded, ABC7 reported. There are also some more flags in the Oval Office now.

The South Portico steps have never been repaired since the middle of the previous century. Donald Trump's workers accused former President Barack Obama, saying that he made a "dump" out of such a beautiful building. Trump decided that the decor should be politically relevant, with the suitable color palette. That is why President added extra flags behind his desk and chose eagles for the interior.

The main idea of the renovations

The Trump administration made only one request for the renovations: all the materials bought for the changes should be made in the U.S.

Alan Zawatsky, GSA White House Service Center director, said that they only used the products in decorating the resident and the White House which were made in the country.

President George Washington was the first President who thought about the project of the West Wing, and in 1902 his ideas were fulfilled. Every administration customized it according to their own preferences for more than a century.

The current President, who always cares much about every detail, intended to return the history and elegance to the building with the renovations, as the White House spokesman stated. He said that the President decided to make the White House glorious and appealing again.

The GSA historic preservation officer George Kanellos stated that the main aim was to make everything in a great harmony and good enough for the President's office.

He painted the tassels which were hanging off the 87-year-old light fixtures.

New lights were also installed in the West Wing up to the Oval Office, which will give a better view of the Rose Garden at night.