Special counsel Robert Mueller has started an investigation to find out if former national security adviser Mike Flynn took part in obtaining Hillary Clinton's emails during the election campaign 2016, Fox News reported.

Reasons for the investigation

Mueller is responsible for looking into Donald Trump’s possible ties with Russian hackers during the election campaign. Russian hackers had also made a private effort to send him the Democratic nominee’s emails. President Trump always denied having any collaboration with Russia and called Mueller's investigation a "witch hunt." Russia also said it had nothing to do with the U.S election.

Mike Flynn, an ex-general in the US Army, served as a Trump surrogate and a national security adviser last year. He spent less than one month in the White House. He had to leave his post after he was linked to the Russian ambassador to the U.S, Sergey Kislyak. In mid-February, he submitted his resignation.

Who knows the truth?

In May, the Wall Street Journal reported that Republican businessman and activist Peter W. Smith tried to find the Russian hackers. At the end of the campaign in 2016, Smith succeeded in contacting five groups of hackers, among which two were Russian, who claimed they had the emails. He was sure that they had stolen around 33,000 emails from Hillary Clinton's account, which she was written while she was secretary of state.

Smith said he knew that Flynn wanted the same.

According to Fox News, Smith had described Flynn as his ally. Moreover, he mentioned that other people from the Trump administration were also interested in this coordination. Nevertheless, all the officials denied having anything to do with Russia. Flynn was among Trump's advisers whom Russian operatives considered to be a back channel.

In May, Smith shared with the Wall Street Journal that Russian hackers have close ties with the Russian government. Before asphyxiating himself on May, 14, Smith left a note with the words that there was no foul play.

Moreover, in the report, it was mentioned that Michael Flynn Jr., Flynn’s son, also took part in the appointments.

Nevertheless, on Twitter, he said “BIG nothing burger folks....more #fakenews as usual.” he tweeted, adding that Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate, which was why she lost.

The investigation about Russian interference includes hacking, influence on election results, financial frauds, and other things.