Mick Ohman had taken a trip to Crown King up in the Bradshaw Mountains and was on his way home to Phoenix when his SUV broke down in the Arizona Desert. With no cell reception, the Arizona man was forced to survive on a half bottle of water, some beers, a few crackers and finally his own urine.

Driving back home to Phoenix

It happened on July 27, when Ohman decided to take a back route home from the mining ghost town of Crown King to his Phoenix home. That choice turned out to be a mistake, as his SUV broke down at around 3 p.m. that day.

Ohman told ABC News there was no cell reception in the area and all he had in his vehicle was a half bottle of water, a couple of beers, some crackers and a spoiled sandwich.

Before he headed off into the desert to look for help, Ohman wrote notes on the broken-down SUV giving his home address, cell phone number and the direction in which he was walking, just in case someone came across the vehicle.

Man drinks his own urine to survive

Ohman walked for hours in the heat through the desert and his supplies soon ran out. He told KNXV-TV that he had never felt so thirsty before. Ohman said he couldn’t swallow and his throat stuck together. However despite his thirst, he still needed to urinate and ended up drinking his own urine.

According to Ohman it wasn’t as bad as he imagined it would be. However, he said the temperature of the urine got to him, because it was so warm.

While in despair at his fate, Ohman recorded a message on his cellphone in the hope that someone would find it. In the video he asked anyone who found the phone, saying if he hadn’t survived, to please tell his sisters how much he loved them.

On the second day of hiking through the desert, he found a small stream and drank so much he felt sick. Ohman then decided to head back to the SUV, without finding a cellphone signal.

Rescued at last

However, it was on Ohman’s third day in the desert that he was finally saved when he spotted a dirt biker on the horizon.

Troy Haverland told ABC News that he took Ohman to Lake Pleasant, an hour away from where he broke down. Ohman recalled yelling in Haverland’s ear along the way, telling him he could now say he’d saved a life.

Ohman spoke to deputies with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and received a medical evaluation from the Peoria Fire Department, but refused any further treatment. Deputies then took Ohman to his home in Phoenix and the made arrangements with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office regarding the broken down SUV and plans to have it towed.