A Chevy Trailblazer Suv, stolen 15 years before, suddenly surfaced when the Green family worked on the Dirt Bike jump in the backyard of their home. The vehicle was a 2003 model and was still in its plastic and it turned out it was related to a reported vehicle theft almost 15 years ago.

Son was adjusting their dirt bike track when he found the SUV

Property owner Fredie Green told the KFOR news channel they had jumped off the buried SUV for several years with their motocross bikes and ATV without even knowing the vehicle was buried there.

According to his son, Cody, he was busy adjusting the dirt bike jump using a tractor when he discovered the buried SUV.

He said he had dug down quite deep when the tractor stopped. He asked himself what could have caused that and kept on digging a little more, finally uncovering the hood of the vehicle. He was amazed that he had found a car buried six feet under on the property and he called his father to tell him.

Property owner calls police, worried there could be dead bodies in the SUV

Fredie went on to say his son had alerted him to the fact they had a vehicle buried six feet under the surface of their dirt bike trail. He immediately told his son to stop right away and to leave the vehicle alone while he called the authorities.

Green then went on to call the police, fearing there might be dead bodies buried inside the Chevy Trailblazer.

When deputies arrived on the property, they towed the vehicle out of the ground and took all the doors off to ensure there were no possible dead bodies hidden inside the SUV. Fortunately, there were no bodies, but officials did, however, manage to use the license plate number which was still on the SUV to track it down.

It turned out to be a vehicle that was reported stolen almost 15 years before by a previous owner of Green’s property.

Vehicle was reported ‘stolen’ by the previous owner of Green’s property

As reported by Fox 6, Lt.

Robert Stewart of the Pottawatomie County Police told the media the vehicle had been reported stolen by its owner in 2003 and that the owner at one stage also owned the property on which the SUV was found. While no one has been charged relating to the theft as yet, deputies do believe it could be a simple case of insurance fraud – well simple except for the fact it was buried six feet under. Officials will be investigating to see if anyone can be charged relating to the crime.

As for Fredie, he said it was amazing to imagine that anyone would go to such lengths to bury a brand new vehicle, still wrapped in plastic.