Fox News reported Sunday that at least three people were shot and two people died during the weekend in Baltimore.

The murder-free weekend that Baltimore activists promoted to encourage gun control seemed to have been unsuccessful after these reported incidents. The article said that bloodshed has occurred only three days after guns were ordered not to be used.

On Saturday, two men were reportedly shot and killed in separate incidents. According to Fox News, these men were ages 24 years old and 27 years old. Meanwhile, a 22-year-old man was also shot but only suffered wounds on his arms.

The city of Baltimore reportedly succeeded in the zero murder campaign last Friday since there had been no shootings that occurred. The residents of the city thought that this would continue over that weekend.

‘Nobody kill anybody’ campaign

In an effort to crack down violence, Baltimore activists started an initiative called the “Baltimore ceasefire” and “Nobody kill anybody” during the weekend, the report stated. The campaign spread all over social media since May.

Apparently, the campaign failed because of certain bloodshed.

The residents reportedly gathered at the crime scene to face the relatives and friends of the victims, and comfort them. One activist, Erricka Bridgeford announced on Facebook that the Baltimore ceasefire has not ended yet.

Bridgeford wrote, as reported on Fox News, “If you are going to run around here acting defeated, part of me wants to give you this nub to your eye and hug you. And, you are not prepared for this revolution. It’s fine.”

She added on her social media post for people to stop panicking around and watch them get the work done, the article mentioned.

There is hope

The Baltimore area has had its share of being featured on nationwide television because of their years-long gun violence. Just by the end of July of this year, Fox News pointed out that the city has reported 204 murders already which an alarming figure.

Despite the apparent failure of the weekend campaign, activists remain strong saying that the end goal really was to unify Baltimore.

“There’s hope. We know that it’s not going to stop the murders, but it’s a start,” a participant Tyrone Boyette said in the report.

This coming weekend, there are reportedly more than 30 events lined up, as the activities are expected to push through despite possible shooting. The campaign and the initiative are going to continue as well.