The Rasmussen Reports' regular presidential tracking survey for July 31 gives Trump with an all-time low approval rating for their study, which says that the latest survey for the commander-in-chief is going down. Not knowing that he had hit another record low, Trump considers his 50 percent approval rating in the survey correct. Donald Trump who has always shown his disbelief on polls has mysteriously praised a Poll for being accurate. in June, he tweeted a 48 percent approval rating from the same polling institution where he announced his gratitude to his supporters.

President Trump's 'most accurate' survey, a record low

At a time in June, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, plugged on Twitter an approval rating of 50 percent in a poll he called the "most accurate" during the 2016 election.

Donald Trump, who has consistently shown his distrust of negative polling public, posted on Twitter an image in June. It shows his previous 50 percent endorsement rating from Rasmussen, an American polling firm, saying that the new Rasmussen Poll is one of the most accurate surveys, and stated that his approval rating is higher than Obama's.

After almost over a month later, Trump's approval rating has fallen by 20 percentage points in that same Rasmussen survey he says is his favorite, giving the billionaire president another below-40 percent approval rating, but this time in a study he has publicly lauded for its correctness.

In RealClearPolitics’ average endorsement surveys, Trump’s approval number has been stuck in the 40 percent range for a while now.

Trump's approval number dives 20 points in his favorite survey

According to Monday's daily presidential tracking poll from Rasmussen, Trump presently maintains a 39 percent approval grade -- another record low and his lowest number since taking office for this specific poll.

Just 39% of possible U.S. voters back Trump's performance as President according to the Rasmussen tracking survey published July 31, while 26% strongly commend, and 61% disapprove. This is the first time Trump's endorsement rating has ever dropped below 40% in Rasmussen. The survey of 1,500 likely voters had a margin of inaccuracy of 2.5 percentage points.

However, even at that very moment in June other surveys were giving Trump with a significantly lower endorsement rating, including Gallup which had the commander-in-chief's approval at a meager 39 percent and his dissatisfaction rating at 55 percent.

According to the newest Gallup poll issued on Sunday, just 37 percent of Americans are in favor of the job the president is doing in the White House.

A month before, he tweeted a 48 percent approval rating, which means that less than half of the people in his country approve of his job.