The sanction by Russia takes place against the continuing debate in the US about President Donald Trump’s connection with Moscow and the alleged conspiracy between his team and Russia over its claimed attempt to intervene in the presidential election. In July, it was reported that Trump’s eldest son Trump Jr. and his son-in-law Jared Kushner held a meeting with a Russian attorney connected to the Kremlin after they were promised damaging data about Hillary Clinton.

Sanctions by the US

The Congress has passed new sanctions on Russia as punishment for the nation’s alleged interference in the US election.

The bill against Russia also introduced proposals against North Korea and Iran. This was carried over Russia’s 2014 occupation of Crimea and its still unproven intrusion in the 2016 US voting.

The decision by legislators on Capitol Hill has forced Trump into a hole. The White House had clearly stated that it was against the proposal. President Trump, however, said he will still sign and approve the bill, instead of using his power to abolish the proposal and risk accusations that he is a follower of Vladimir Putin.

President Trump said he would sign a bill that imposes sanctions and punishments on Russia, the White House said on Friday after Moscow directed the United States to lay-off hundreds of diplomatic officers and said it would take two U.S.

diplomatic properties in reprisal for the sanction.

Sanctions by Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that the United States would have to decrease its diplomatic officers in Russia by 755 individuals and that Russia could consider forcing extra sanctions against the US as a retaliation to new sanctions authorized by the Congress.

Putin said in an interview in Moscow television late Sunday that he believes the U.S.-Russia relationship might worsen. Putin also said that Russia might come up with other forms of sanctions to the United States as vengeance for the unlawful attitude done by Washington.

A representative at the US Consulate in Russia stated that there were approximately 1,100 consular officers in Russia, which include not only Russians but also US citizens.

The sanctions by Russia suggest that Trump's alleged pro-Russia efforts are not paying off. On the other hand, a US State Department representative said Putin's decision to expel hundreds of diplomats is regrettable and uncalled for.