President Donald Trump received some disappointing news only two months into his presidency. The Gallup Daily Presidential Tracking poll shows him as the most unpopular president at this point in the presidency, with an approval rating of 37 percent. Just last week, Gallup showed his approval at 45 percent. The numbers are sinking like a rock for Trump. The news for Trump comes with the backdrop of a "very bad week" for him, with the Senate and House Intelligence Committee closing in on him with his reckless charge against President Obama of spying on him.

Fbi Director James Comey will be testifying on Capitol Hill today and is expected to say there is "no evidence" Obama spied on Trump. FBI director Comey is also expected to be asked by Democrats about the links between Trump (and his campaign aides) and Russia. This is an issue that will not go away for Trump and he keeps fueling the controversy with tweets and mixed messages on the source of the news, which has been labeled as "fake news."

Not a good week for President Donald Trump

The week culminated to a low point with the Congressional Budget Office saying that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) would have 24 million more Americans "uninsured" by the year 2026 than on "Obamacare." The AHCA is derisively being referred to by many Democrats as "TrumpCare" which is not welcome by the president.

To make matters worse, Gallup shows his "disapprovals" at the very high number of 58 percent. Other presidents fared much, much better at the same point in their presidency.

The Gallup poll not only showed Trump "unpopular" among all Americans, but his standing in the Jewish community has also sunk.

His Jewish policy has sent a mixed signal to American Jews and this is reflected in the polling. He has been slow in denouncing the wave of anti-Semitism across the country, failed to mention Jews in his statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day, and appointed Steve Bannon as his chief strategist, who has made anti-Semitic comments.

It was also this week that Hawaii Federal Judge Derrick Watson stops Trump's "Muslim ban" in its tracks, yet another defeat for him since taking office. The first "Muslim ban" order was also thrown out in court and Trump did not appeal the ruling, but instead issued another "revised" executive action.

Donald Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, polled in the low 50s, with his disapproval ratings in the mid-40s throughout 2016, according to Gallup. The Associated Press reports on another poll showing 57 percent of young Americans see President Trump as illegitimate.

The GenForward is a poll of adults age 18 to 30 conducted by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago found 22 percent of teens and young adults approve of the job Trump is doing, with a whopping 62 percent disapproving.