Despite a Democrat-friendly press, President Donald trump’s approval rating has climbed to 50% as Russia collusion/Comey firing stories giveaway to the democrats' inability to define a clear message. To the chagrin of liberal mainstream media outlets, a new Rasmussen Daily Poll survey shows the president’s popularity at an all-time high since late April, when 59% of Americans approved of the job the president was doing.

Poll rankles Democrats

The news rankled Democrats who have invested most of their time - since suffering catastrophic losses during the 2016 presidential election in November - honing Russian collusion conspiracies and leaking anti-Trump stories to the media.

With little-known insider Tom Perez (a Beltway insider who served in Obama’s administration) leading the DNC, the party has mostly relied on Russia collusion talking points and investigations touted by their media allies as a message.

Two days ago an angry liberal Democrat acted out by shooting a Republican congressman, which has Democrats fretting that they may be blamed for inciting politically-inspired anger and violence that is gripping the nation. Experts and pundits agree that the Democratic Party may be setting itself up for more losses if it doesn't replace its anti-Trump, anti-Republican message with a more hopeful one that includes serious policy proposals.

The Rasmussen Reports daily poll on Friday showed an even split, with 50% of Americans approving of Trump’s job performance and 50% disapproving.

The poll shows 31% strongly approve of the way Trump is performing and 42% strongly disapprove.

Poll: 55% say Capital shooting inspired by vitriolic climate

Another recent Rasmussen Poll shows most Americans believe that the current vitriolic political environment is being encouraged by Democratic leaders and their allies in the press and the resulting anger is responsible for the assault earlier this week on Republican members of Congress and Capital Police.

Moreover, after losing two key special elections in as many months, Democrats are depending on political newcomer Jon Ossoff winning a special election in Georgia's Sixth congressional district that is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, June 20 as proof the American people have had a change of heart. Republicans are offering veteran politician Karen Handel, and that race is pretty much tied according to recent polling.

The Rasmussen poll shows that Democrats have good reason to worry since 55% of American adults placed the blame for the shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise and three others at a charity baseball game on political anger around the country. In contrast, a relatively meager 28% view the historic shooting as a random act of violence by an unstable person. Some say that a Democratic-sympathetic media has divided and polarized both sides of the aisle by publishing constant anti-Trump stories as news.

Polls: Obama administration divided nation

Even before Trump’s inauguration, the American people had soured on Democratic President Barack Obama’s promise to bring America hope and change by the end of his two terms.

According to another Rasmussen poll published January 17, voters believe his administration drove an even thicker wedge between the left and right. While the upcoming congressional special election contest in Georgia could prove interesting and color many newspaper and broadcast editorials, the state and federal elections in 2018, when Democrats must defend far more U.S. Senate seats than Republicans, should provide a much clearer indication of the mood of the country.