One of the first talking points Donald Trump used when he kicked off his campaign for president was highlighting his plan to tackle illegal immigration. Fast forward to present day and administration is still sticking to Trump's original promise and the president's threatens a government shutdown if he doesn't receive the money to build the wall in question.

Conway on Fox News

On the floor of Trump Tower in New York City in the summer of 2015, Donald Trump created a media frenzy by announcing that he was running for the presidency of the United States and would do so as a member of the Republican Party.

During his speech, Trump received instant heat for referring to illegal immigrants as "rapists" and "murderers." In the months that followed, Trump made immigration reform a primary focus of his campaign, which included the possibility of mass deportation and the construction of a border wall. As part of Trump's master plan, the former host of "The Apprentice" also promised that he would force Mexico to pay for the wall so it wouldn't come out of the pockets of American taxpayers. As expected, Mexico has denied that they would be held responsible for payment, but that hasn't stopped Trump from sticking to his message. As seen during an interview with "Fox & Friends" on August 24, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway was once again asked about the wall, and was defiant in her response.

While speaking to the hosts on Fox News on Thursday, Kellyanne Conway continued to defend Donald Trump over his plan to complete a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

"He's gonna stick to building that wall and he wants the money to pay for it," Conway said.

"The president ran on building the wall. Won on building the wall and has remained steadfastly committed to doing it," Kellyanne Conway went on to say.

"Anybody who is surprised by that has not been paying attention for the last two years," she added. The former campaign manager went on to say that a "sovereign nation needs physical borders," while continuing to praise the billionaire real estate mogul for his plan. "He's (Trump) is telling Congress that he is building the wall and he expects the funding," Conway noted. Conway's remarks come after Trump threatened a potential government shutdown if Congress doesn't find the money to build the wall, that the president claims will eventually be paid back by Mexico.

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While Democrats and Republicans in Congress continue to battle over spending, including money for the proposed border wall, Donald Trump and his team appear committed to his earliest promise during the campaign. Immigration has remained a hot button issue since the election, with Trump's stance causing major push back from his critics.