In an announcement released by the U.S. National Hurricane Center, former tropical stormHarvey” could possibly reach a hurricane status by the time it makes landfall later this week. According to them, the former tropical storm will likely to intensify as it approaches over the warm waters of the Texas Gulf.

Furthermore, they predict that “Harvey” will arrive in Texas on Friday. According to meteorologists, the storm will cause heavy rainfall over the next several days in some parts of Louisiana and Texas. The local government has warned the people to elevate its preparation for the possible catastrophic event.

Reports say that the governors of Texas and Louisiana have begun to summon Emergency Response teams.

Texas could face a catastrophic flooding as ‘Harvey’ touched its warm waters

Meteorologist Eric Holthaus posted on his Twitter account yesterday, announcing the possible catastrophic flooding in Texas. “Folks, I don’t ask for retweets very often, but if you have friends or family in Texas, please share this,” the tweet read. Furthermore, Holthaus said that the heaviest rainfall will likely to continue until next week, which could cause up to four feet of a flood to parts of Texas coast. According to the report, the heavy rainfall will more likely to occur in areas of the southwest Louisiana and over the center and the upper portion of the Texas coast.

Texas government has started preparing emergency response

Mexico government and state organizations have begun gearing up since the forecast was released. Governor of the State, Greg Abbott ordered the Mexico Operation Center to raise its readiness level towards the forecasted catastrophe.

The governor has declared a “state of disaster” for more than 30 cities with areas prone to the calamity.

The government has already started making state resources available for recovery actions and for possible rescue operations. Furthermore, government officials have urged those residents living in low-lying areas to evacuate on higher grounds.

Emergency officials have asked those residents living along the upper Texas coastline to evacuate as well to inland.

A hurricane watch has already begun on coasts of Port Mansfield, San Luis Pass, and Galveston, at the north. As of yesterday afternoon, the campus of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi was the only area under a mandatory evacuation order.