Ever since finding herself in the national spotlight just over a year ago, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway has made a name for herself by routinely clashing with members of the mainstream media. On Friday night, Conway decided to take a shot at the entire Democratic Party during her latest tweet, but it didn't get the best response.

Conway on Twitter

During the summer of 2016, Donald Trump was forced to make a major move with his campaign. Paul Manafort, then Trump's campaign manager, was exposed for having financial ties to Russia and resigned not long after the news was made public.

In Manafort's place, Trump brought on board Kellyanne Conway who had previously been known as a veteran Republican pollster. In the months that followed, Conway helped guide the former host of "The Apprentice" to his upset election victory. Despite this, Conway found herself arguing Trump's agenda on an almost daily basis with various cable news hosts, which has only escalated since Inauguration Day. Earlier this year, Conway came under fire for using the term "alternative facts" to excuse Trump after he was caught in multiple lies. On August 11, Conway ripped into the Democratic Party during her most recent tweet.

Following in the footsteps of her boss Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway took to Twitter on Friday in an attempt to throw shade at the Democrats.

Conway shared an article that was critical of the Democratic Party, while also giving her thoughts in the process. "Brutally honest takedown of a Democrat Party at sea from an unlikely source," Conway tweeted out.

Twitter reacts

Not long after Kellyanne Conway tweeted out in opposition to the Democrats, social media critics of the president were quick to fire back.

"Still struggling to remain relevant and employed? Don't you have kids you should be enjoying on a Friday evening?" one Twitter user rhetorically asked.

"Hey @KellyannePolls, Do you eat garbage and then regurgitate it?

Or does your mouth produce it on its own?" another social media user pointed out. "If Propaganda Barbie endorses it......the rubes will eat it up. The 1% of their base that can read anyway," an additional tweet stated.

"Terribly brutal that this deplorable Drumpf dividers extend so much energy at breaking up America. You are Dorian Gray's Painting," another Twitter user added. As the backlash continued, it was made clear that the rift between the political left and right was not going to end anytime soon.