There appears to be some resistance from Trump's White House officials to the idea that John Kelly's new role as Chief of Staff would restore some order to the administration. In an article by CNN titled "A general's rigor could face hurdles under a chaos-prone President," a few officials said that it was Trump's White House and not Kelly's. Another official said that it was President Trump who set the tone and the structure there.

Dump 'the Mooch.'

John Kelly made headlines in his first day on the job when he fired the new communications director Anthony Scaramucci fired.

This was largely seen as Kelly's first major move towards putting the White House back in order as Scaramucci had set a hostile and profanity-laden tone over his first week since his first press briefing. Anthony Scaramucci had just been hired as the new communications director on July 21, lasting a mere 10-days and his official start date wasn't even set until August 15.

Rerouting access to the President

With Kelly's military background, there is the perception that he would not only restore order to the White House but also to the position of Chief Of Staff as it should be. This means that all connections to the President will be redirected through Kelly. But the CNN article explained that many people outside of the White Houses' inner circles had direct access to the President without having to go through the chief of staff.

Before the new shift in the White House, Kelly had been offered the position of Chief of Staff for some months already but continued to turn it down, expressing frustration over the disorder at the White House.

It's been reported that when John Kelly was the Secretary of Homeland Security that he had advised Reince Priebus regularly while he was the former chief of staff on how to improve his role.

The article states that many of people who had formal and direct access to the President are many top advisers such as Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. The article further refers to the analysis of a political science professor at the University of Akron, David Cohen, who specifically studies the position of chief of staff.

In it, he said that most modern administrations so far have every White House staff member reporting to the chief of staff at all times.

Reining in President Trump

Before John Kelly, much of the access to President Trump was out of order who had sometimes engaged with his senior aides without the Chief of Staff's knowledge. To verify Kelly's handle of his new position, the article points to a person who is said to be close to Kelly who confirms that the former General plans to bring order to the administration. Further confirmation of this is in reports that had said that when John Kelly entered a cabinet meeting on his first day on Monday, and that his presence was like a "lightning bolt" as he commands immediate order.

For this reason, it's curious as to whether Trump will now submit to the proper disciplines John Kelly puts in place.

It's been reported that Kelly has the freedom to put together his team which no doubt will further his command in the White House. Senior White House aide Kellyanne Conway said on Friday when Kelly was named that she was unsure as to what the organizational structure would be under Kelly. On Monday, it was also reported that now, even the President's daughter will have to go through the new Chief of Staff to speak to speak the President. Both Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner reportedly agreed to this before Priebus being fired, under the condition that he would be. Kelly has said hinted at some strategy to helping redirect and control the influence of President Trump's tweets but admitted that he could not stop them.