Rex Tillerson will on Sunday takes his campaign to pressure North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program to Asia. The move is to intensify US efforts to isolate the regime.

Pyongyang is one of Trump administration’s top priorities. In April, Tillerson launched a global pressure campaign to isolate the country over its nuclear activities further.

Pyongyang under pressure to abandon its missile program

The main effort is aimed at China, the source of about 90 percent of North Korea’s trade, but the campaign also targets nations that buy Pyongyang’s military hardware, hire its workforce, host its firms and consulates and allow the transition or landing of its planes on their territory.

US officials say nations are responding the pressure campaign, by reducing the number North Korean guest workers and cutting flight and diplomatic missions. India, which is the third largest trade partner the reclusive state, is severing all trade agreements except medicine and food. Malaysia among other countries is also making it difficult for North Korean citizens from entering the country, the officials said.

The US has drafted a new UN resolution that could slash up to $1 billion from Pyongyang’s export which diplomats say could be presented any moment before the Security Council for a vote.

Susan Thornton of the Department of State Pacific affairs and East Asia said the US is continuing its campaign to intensify pressure on the regime.

The move aims to increase the feeling of isolation. She added that countries are being asked to implement the Security Council resolutions and to take a step in reducing their interactions with North Korea.

US effort to isolate North Korean from ASEAN nations

Thornton further stated that Tillerson would on Sunday ask the 27-member forum of the Association of East Asian Nations, taking place in the Philippines, to consider expelling North Korea from the group.

Despite the pressure, the US top diplomat still maintains the United States willingness to dialogue with North Korea. On Tuesday, Tillerson told journalists that the time would come when Pyongyang will begin to realize the need to sit down and have a dialogue about the future that will usher in the needed security they are seeking.

The US Secretary of State said the pressure on the regime continue until they understand the need for dialogue because the other options on the table are particularly unattractive.