School campus this fall is packed with highly celebrated personalities, as two presidential started their freshman year in college. Malia Obama is an undergraduate at Harvard University, while Tiffany Trump started her first graduate class at Georgetown Law School.

Malia, 19, is the eldest daughter of former United States president Barack Obama. Tiffany, 23, is the youngest daughter of incumbent president Donald Trump with his second wife, Marla Maples.

The Washington Post released a report on what college life will be for these two presidential daughters.

Jack Rowe, a Standford University professor of history and political science, shared his insights about these two girls beginning their campus life.

“But what of two students to start college life with the most famous surnames in the world? The culture of schools is pretty respectful of their private lives,” Rowe told The Washington Post. He previously served as the thesis adviser to Chelsea Clinton when she was undergraduate at Stanford, several years back.

He shared that the college will take an effort to do their best and treat them like anyone else, just like how Chelsea was treated before. The student newspaper reportedly was advised not to write about first daughters unless she would be involved in something very newsworthy.

Tiffany Trump enters Law School

US Weekly recently reported that orientation of graduate students at Georgetown has kicked off last August 21, which Donald Trump’s daughter attended after her summer vacation. She traveled to Italy during her pre-law vacation with the president’s second wife and her mother, Marla Maples.

The website added that Georgetown was Tiffany’s personal choice.

The university is located just a few minutes from the White House. Her brother Eric Trump also went to the same university taking up Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Management back in 2006.

Eric told US Weekly that he is proud of his younger sister. He also praised Georgetown as an incredible and amazing school.

Barack Obama spotted in Harvard

Former United States president Barack Obama was back to his college as an alumnus, as he was spotted at the Harvard Square restaurant to accompany his daughter Malia. The Washington Post reported that his daughter will move into her campus dormitory.

Harvard University was chosen by Malia, despite reminders from her parents Barack and Michelle that she could openly choose other reputable colleges aside from Harvard. The former first couple also took their classes in this university.