Harvard University is opening the first day of classes this fall, with an incoming class deemed to be the most diverse throughout the history of the school.

Mashable reported that the incoming batch of new students attending the first day of classes in Harvard will be made up of non-white students. This batch is reportedly the most diverse group that the university ever had throughout 380 years of its history.

The incoming class includes former presidential daughter Malia Obama, who earlier was reported to be in the same university as her parents, Barack And Michelle.

Most diverse ever

According to Mashable, more than half of the new students, around 2,000 people, are categorized as non-white. Meanwhile, the rest of the incoming students in the university are from minority groups. It has been said that the figures increased at around three percent from last year.

Around 22 percent of incoming freshmen are Asian-American, while around 15 percent are African-American. New students of the Hispanic or Latino race make up around 12 percent, with around three percent of students with Native American or Pacific Islander backgrounds.

Harvard University spokesperson Rachael Dane stated in the report that students should possess the ability to work with individuals from various backgrounds, experiences and beliefs.

This will help them become leaders in today’s society, she added.

“We review many factors, consistent with the legal standards established by the US Supreme Court. Harvard considered each applicant as an entire person,” she said in the article.

Malia Obama

Malia Obama, daughter of former United States president Barack Obama, is reportedly entering Harvard this fall.

The New York Times reported that she has chosen to attend this university, the same school that her parents attended to.

She has been said to be the “nation’s most scrutinized and sought-after college applicant.” The article noted that her parents, Barack and Michelle reminded her that she need not select a school that has a huge reputation.

Former President Barack Obama said in the New York Times article that he weighed on the increasing burden of getting into big schools, and reiterated that his first born daughter Malia has a lot of other options.

Nevertheless, Malia is taking a gap year and is beginning her college class this 2017 in the highly ranked Ivy League school. She will be part of Harvard University’s most diverse class in its entire history.

Barack Obama was a graduate of Harvard Law School.