There is just no other way around it; when people do not support President Donald Trump’s leadership, they can go some very extreme measures to make their displeasure known. Just this Wednesday an inflatable protest was carried out in the Ellipse, the open area south of the White House and close to the Washington Monument on the nation’s capital.

It was a white chicken with a mean expression and a golden comb styled to resemble the hairdo of the President himself. Net surfers would recognize the design as having been seen in China ahead of the Chinese New Year celebration.

Now it is making a spectacle near the Presidential Residence while Trump is away.

‘Weak and ineffective’

It seems remarkable that the Trump-as-a-chicken balloon has been going viral on social media for being parked close to the White House since August 9 is apparently a collaborative effort between America and China. The original caricature design was by artist Casey Latiolais of Seattle, but the balloon manufacture was done in China.

The chicken Trump was displayed in a mall at Taiyuan, China in December last year, during the countdown to the Year of the Rooster.

Relations between the two countries then were wobbly, as they are right now.

The chicken Trump balloon that graced the back of the White House in Washington DC this week was put there as a political statement by documentary filmmaker Taran Singh Brar.

His point there was to illustrate the President’s stubborn refusal to publicize his tax records to prove the lack of anomalies in his filing.

In addition, Brar has the balloon symbolizing the head of state’s perceived weakness and ineffectiveness as a world leader. Aside from withholding his tax returns, Brar claims Trump is “too afraid to stand up to Vladimir Putin, and…playing chicken with North Korea."

‘Chicken Don’

In March, on the lead-up to April’s Tax Day and the up-swell of critics demanding that Donald Trump come clean about his taxes, Taran Singh Brar raised money in a GoFundMe campaign to both buy the $1,500 chicken Trump balloon and have it insured.

He then exhibited “Chicken Don” in cities from Chicago to San Francisco to DC, where he obtained permits from both the National Parks Service and the Secret Service to set it up at the Ellipse.

No word has come from the White House in reaction to the viral protest outside their backyard. That goes double for President Trump himself, who was currently away at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. That left Chicken Don relatively unmolested as throngs of people snapped photos.