Both pro-Trump and anti-Trump protesters were at the streets over the weekend. Those who opposed the president were part of the Impeachment Marches that took place in different states while those who supported Donald Trump protested against those who want him to be removed as the POTUS.

The “Impeachment Marches” took place in places like Austin, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Denver, Las Vegas, Long Island, Milwaukee, Palm Beach, Phoenix and many more.

Austin Impeachment March: Rep. Al Green joins in

Hundreds of protester went to the State Capitol in Austin, Texas.

They were supported by Rep. Al Green, Democrat-Texas. He told the protesters that he was there because he loves his country. The supporters of the president, on the other hand, tried to interrupt with the protest.

Los Angeles, New York marches interrupted by Trump supporters

The anti-Trump protesters in New York rallied in front of the Trump International Hotel & Tower. According to NBC News, the pro-Trump and anti-Trump supporters even had screaming matches during the Impeachment March. There were no reports if it turned physical.

In Los Angeles, people gathered at the Fletcher Bowron Square. Rep. Brad Sherman, Democrat-Porter Ranch, gave a speech against t he president. He noted that people should act now to protect the United States from Trump’s abuse of power and his incompetence.

Protesters in Los Angeles also chanted the words, “Down, down down with Trump – up, up, up with the people.” These protesters have been trying to urge the Congress to have the president impeached.

The pro-Trump protesters in Los Angeles went outside the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters. One protester, 55-year-old Matthew Woods, was interviewed by Los Angeles Times and he said that he does not believe the current administration or his campaign team had anything to do with the allegations that Russia interfered with the November 2016 presidential election results.

The pro-Trump protesters also set up a booth in Los Angeles that sold tees that had the president's face on it. One protester also carried a sign that said he would vote for Trump in the 2020 presidential elections. The supporter of the president added on his sign that it is better to be crazy than stupid pertaining to the idea that he would vote for Trump again if he decides to run for president by 2020.

These protests came after the Trump administration released new visa guidelines concerning the travel ban. The protests were held two days before the Fourth of July celebration.