When President Trump made his feelings known about the investigation being conducted on him, he and his aides began to refer to it as a "witch hunt". The term refers to the historical persecution of a person under the accusation that they are a witch. In the context of Donald Trump, he has said that the investigation on his potential collusion with Russian officials is nothing more than an elaborate witch hunt being conducted by the Democrats and special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Too early to compare with Hillary Clinton 'witch hunt'

In comparison, when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was under investigation by Republicans, Democrats also referred to that as a witch hunt.

The differences being that the investigation on Clinton had completed its full circle only to disappoint Republicans who had been orchestrating theirs because it did not lead to a conviction.

Now, with regards to the investigation conducted on Trump, the difference being that a special prosecutor was only just named four months into Trump's presidency. As it stands, there are still developments to determine how the investigation will be conducted for an outcome that could take months and perhaps even years.

Trump's obvious guilt by defense

But neither the White House nor ''Trumpublicans" (or Republicans who have fallen in line to support the President) are waiting to conduct their own investigations against the investigators.

It's already been reported for some time that the White house has been gearing up for a fight against Robert Mueller, in order to stall or block the investigation, as well as going to the extent of discrediting him. Earlier this year, President Trump claimed that former President Obama had wiretapped phones at Trump Tower.

Retaliating against Obama official for investigating President Trump

This, thanks to the help, sabotage and support of Trump surrogate Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Cali.), would evolve into questions of "illegal" activity from the former Obama administration. The suggestion was that in having the intelligence community monitor the discussions between Russian and Trump campaign officials last year, the intel community's request to "unmask" the names of U.S.

civilians (Trump campaign aides) was a breach of national security according to Republicans.

Much like the investigations on Clinton, the current effort by Republicans to investigate former Obama administration officials relies heavily on the suggestion of wrong doing. Over the past month, intelligence community officials were put before congressional committee hearings to be asked about the limits of that unmasking at the request of Trump supporter Nunes.

This is true because it's been reported that Rep. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) had even said that those requests were a Nunes creation. Democrats have demanded that the Republican congressman recuse himself for his suspicious activity to protect the Trump administration but he has refused.

It was reported that as part of Nunes' subpeona requests to the intel community, that former national security advisor Susan Rice be questioned about that unmasking as a tit-for-tat response to Democratic support for investigating Donald Trump.