It's been reported that the House Intelligence Committee issued seven new subpoenas that are related to an investigation into the Trump campaign over Russian interference in the 2016 election. The House Intelligence Committee is one of several bodies who are investigating the Trump campaign and now, the administration which involves a special prosecutor former FBI Director Rober Mueller.

Devin Nunes leads way for Trump's 'unmasking' charge

The same committee was targeted in March via their own Republican Chairman Devin Nunes who insert himself into the investigation with what has been referred to as his "midnight run," where he disappeared one night, met up with two national security advisors on the White House grounds and received sensitive intelligence documents.

The next morning, Nunes made an announcement before the press that the documents shed some light on what the Trump administration believed was the former Obama administration's "unmasking" of Trump campaign officials.

Prior to this, President Trump made claims that the Obama administration had wiretapped phones in Trump Tower during the presidential campaign. The administration stalled and never revealed proof that this ever happened, even though the administration stuck to their story. The intelligence document was the only "evidence" produced that seemed to support their claim. Now, it appears that of the subpoenas issued, three of them were reportedly sent to the National Security Agency (NSA), the CIA and the FBI to find out how the names of Trump's associates were unmasked by the Obama administration, which further provides support for Trump's claims and means to represent a countermeasure against those investigating the Trump campaign.

Subpoenas and White House undermine investigation

Unmasking refers to revealing those names and their investigations against the investigators is meant to "uncover" whether the effort to unmask those names was politically motivated by the Obama administration. Blasting News recently reported that White House officials are working to somehow undermine Robert Mueller's investigation, to make it more difficult for him to complete it, which shows that these recent subpoenas are also meant to undermine the process from the other side as well.

Republicans have publicly shown that they have no real interest in conducting an investigation on Trump, saying that they did not support a special prosecutor before the Department of Justice intervened. Time will tell how Devin Nunes' subpoenas are received.