The US Senate failed to nullify the 2010 healthcare act also known as Obamacare, even after the arduous endeavors by Mr. Donald Trump. The unsuccessful event has disgorged frustration and dismay among the members of the Republican Party.

On Friday, July 29, the legislation broke down when Mr. McCain who earlier voted 'Yes' for the repeal went ahead to join Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski and Maine Senator Susan Collins who were against the new health care bill.

Due to the action was taken by Arizona Senator John McCain, the decision to nullify Obamacare once again failed to win the majority in the American Congress.

Reaction of Republicans

The house spokesperson of the Republican party Mr. Paul Ryan seemed dismal after the unexpected move of Republican Senators and quoted that he is "disappointed and frustrated" with the current scenario. Several other lawmakers also demonstrated their unhappiness over the health care bill issue.

This crucial turn of events is a huge blow to the American Head Mr. Trump as dismantling the Obamacare health policy was one of the major promises made by him during the presidential run. The Republican party has also vowed for years to implement a new healthcare policy that will act purely in the favor of the American citizens.

Mr. McCain was the last Senator to the ballot in favor of Affordable Care Act along with Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.

After casting his vote in the Senate, Mr. McCain went back to Arizona for further treatment of his brain cancer. American President Donald Trump on Tuesday called Mr. McCain 'hero' when he came back to the Congress in order to vote for the future of American health care bill.

Mr. Trump's Response

American Head of the State Donald Trump deplored the results of Friday Senate elections quoting that one cannot get everything.

He further added and told the Suffolk University crowd to let Barack Obama's affordable care act collapse first and then take it apart.

Earlier, on Tuesday, after the voting results, President Trump apprised all the United States Senators stating that the Senators who voted against the Republican health care act will face many complications in the coming years.

He also quoted earlier that Obamacare was a nightmare and the people of America are suffering gravely due to health care act.

Mr. Trump was very impressed with the Republican party members after his party won the Senate elections on Tuesday by a narrow margin of 51/49 and said that now the American citizens would be able to receive great health care under the new Republican policy.