Microsoft revealed yesterday that Ms Paint will no longer be available in the latest Window 10 update. The next update, also known as the Autumn Creators Update will contain a lot of new features like Cortana Setup, Game Mode, Picture in Picture and Night Light but it will also be devoid of many existing ones including Paint, Reader’s App, Screen Saver, Outlook Express etc.

Microsoft is going to introduce Paint 3D, where you can design and work on three-dimensional objects. This can be referred to as kind of a replacement for Paint where you can also do some basic editing of 2D images, but people all around the world do not seem to be satisfied with this new standby.

According to a featured list provided by Microsoft, Paint has been listed in the deprecated category which means that it is not in active development and might be removed from future releases. Clearly, Microsoft is focusing more on Paint 3D. That said, Microsoft has added that Paint’s basic features are still available in Paint 3D

More about MS Paint

MS Paint is as old as Windows and is supposed to be made out of ZSoft’s PC Paintbrush software. Partnered along with Windows since 1985, it is an app which has been used by almost every kid and adult on windows.

When Microsoft first previewed its development through the InfoWorld magazine in 1983, it only showed this one painting program. Since then, it has been included in its every release until now.

Even though it lacks in the advanced features of graphic designing or even editing, it is widely preferred by a lot of people around the world. Not nearly as effective as ‘Adobe Photoshop or ‘CorelDraw’, it lacks advanced functionalities and didn’t even save the files in JPEG form until Windows ’98.

But then again, one of the main reasons that people are attached to paint is its simplicity and basic artistic features.

Rarely will you find a kid who hasn’t used MS Paint once in his life, which makes it, even closer to the hearts of everyone.

What the world is saying

The removal of MS Paint has clearly not been accepted well by people all over the world. Where some people are mourning its impending death by uploading their artwork in Paint, others are condemning this step or trying to convince Microsoft otherwise.

Twitter is filled with new designs and the hash tag ‘RIP Paint’ and one artist has said that this (Paint) was the greatest thing that ever existed.

Through seeing all the disappointment and nostalgia in people, Microsoft has blogged that it will not remove Paint and it will be available on their App Store for them to download and use.