The Windows 10 Creators Update is just around the corner, and big changes are coming. Microsoft announced a list of features that will be either removed or will no longer be in active development when the latest update arrives in a few weeks.

The most notable feature to be affected is Ms Paint, which has been in Window’s ecosystem since 1985. The iconic drawing tool will be deprecated, meaning the feature will no longer be developed and may be removed altogether in subsequent updates.

Paint 3D will eventually replace the MS Paint

If you have lived through the 90’s, the MS Paint has probably become a part of your childhood.

It’s been very useful for those quick editing tasks like resizing images or if you just need to create simple drawings like squares or a circle.

However, MS Paint has been around forever that it needed a modern touch, that is why the Paint 3D was introduced. The Paint 3D is capable of doing everything that MS Paint can offer. But there’s still no denying that the majority of people using Windows are still comfortable and more familiar with using MS Paint.

Other significant changes to the Windows Creators Update

In addition to MS Paint, there are a few other features that will be deprecated or removed.

The Outlook Express will be included in Microsoft’s chopping block. Also, the Reader and Reader List applications will be killed off; however, their functionality will be integrated into Microsoft’s web browser – Edge.

Meanwhile, the 3D Builder app and screen saver functionality in themes will be removed from the upcoming update. However, you may still find the 3D Builder app’s functionality in Paint 3D and Print 3D as well.

The feature, Sync Your Settings, will be removed and will be replaced by a new cloud storage system included in future updates.

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Microsoft seems to be encouraging its users to back up to the cloud more as the tech giant will also remove its System Image Backup feature. However, there are still third-party solutions that are available for those people who prefer system image backups.

Unfortunately, if your PC is still equipped with the Intel Clover Trail Atom processor, you may not be able to install the Windows 10 Creators update.

Apparently, the update won’t run as smoothly as possible if you have this processor installed as Intel no longer supports the hardware.

What do you think of the eventual removal of MS Paint? Will you miss the iconic drawing tool? Let us know in the comment section down below and don’t forget to like and share this article.