Liam Fox is the British secretary of international trade, and he will be spending two days in Washington DC with Robert Lighthizer, his US counterpart. The EU rules prevent the United Kingdom from signing a trade deal with another country before leaving the bloc. According to Fox, it was very early in terms of predicting a potential deal. The trade unions and organizations have given warnings while making an effort to secure an agreement.

Important details that are likely to be missed

The International Trade Department said they expected the discussions would pay attention to providing different characteristics like certainty, growing confidence, and continuity for the businesses of both The United Kingdom and the United States, as England leaves the EU.

To all this discussion, it was added by Mr. Liam Fox that the trade and investment working group of UK-US is a source for ensuring that both the countries get a chance to know about each other’s problems and to identify those areas where they can work together for strengthening their trade.

The director general of the British Chambers of Commerce named Adam Marshall stated that the experience of the United States at such discussions would become troublesome for England for securing a good deal. He also talked about the matter that whether England would go up against America on a complicated and demanding negotiation.

Mr. Marshall emphasized on focusing on the improvement of a few small but practical things like the customs procedures instead of the comprehensive deal of the trade.

A feeling of worry has also been expressed by Unite and the TUC over the rushed trade deal of the US.

The Guardian was told by TUC boss Frances O'Grady that the ministers were supposed to focus on obtaining the best deal that was available with EU and should not have been leaping with Trump in the bed.

Statements of Michael Hughes and Donald Trump

However, the independent economist named Michael Hughes said that it was important to talk to the United States at that time. He also highlighted that having some of the basic ideas and getting the preliminary principles was a sensible thing to be done at that time.

He pointed out that in both the cases there were chances that England would be watering down some of its current standards in the form of modified food or the financial services organizations. At the beginning of July, Donald Trump talked about his expectation about the completion of a great deal of trade with England.