The Supreme Court rules that the US government can sharply stop refugees, however, leaves a weaker travel ban including grandparents and grandparents among relatives that can help visitors from six Muslim nations to enter the US.

Judges intervened Wednesday in a complaint by the administration for a federal Court’s verdict last week. Justice Derrick Watson has ordered the trump administration to allow refugees to work formally with a resettlement organization in the US. Watson also significantly expanded the close family ties that refugees and other visitors could use to travel to the country.

Partially blocking of Watson's order

The Supreme Court blocked Watson's order because it now refers to refugees, but not an extended list of relatives. The judges stated that the court of the second instance had to examine the appeal. It is not clear how quickly this will happen.

Meanwhile, up to 24,000 refugees already assigned to charities or religious organizations in the US will not be able to use this link to enter the US.

This part of the court decision was the victory of President Donald Trump, who after a week in power made the first ban on travelers and refugees, provoking a legal battle that began after that.

But, the apex court denied a request by the administration last month to clarify its decision, allowing the government to partially limit the ban on visitors from Yemen, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Syria, and Somalia, for 90 days and 120 days for refugees.

The court decision freed thousands of refugees and passengers from being 'honest' with a person or legal person in the US. The judges did not define this relationship, but they stated that they might include a close family relative, job offer, or college or college admission.

The expanded list of family relatives

Watson's order was added to include grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, sisters, aunts, uncles, tribes, and relatives.

The list already included parents, spouses, fiancé, sons, daughters, sisters, and mothers. An exception for relatives coming from the United Kingdom, France, etc., remains in place and the US State Department now instructs diplomats to use a wider list of visa applicants from six countries.

Judge Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Clarence Thomas would completely block Watson's order.

The three same judges said they would allow the full Trump travel force last month. Also, on Wednesday, the court imposed a ban on October 10, although the 90-day break would have expired until then.