Although the dust settles on Republican attempts to remove Obamacare, fingerprint demonstrations and competitive stories have appeared mostly in the Trump’s camp and Mitch McConnell's Senate office, which has sought to minimize their role in the debate.

Some White House staff threw McConnell out on a mobile bus, suggesting that the majority leader hurriedly voted and restricted President Trump's involvement. McConnell's allies deny that he wants to dictate the process or the president has to take the back couch. They said the two Senate leaders and the White House tried to cast the bill.

Blame game over failure of health care bill

The transfer to Obamacare was initially dropped at the office in late March. At that time, President Trump praised Speaker Ryan's successful efforts to conclude the law. Ryan and PA still a month later prepare the bill outside the building and send it to the Senate in early May.But after the Senate talks began Monday night, Trump did not try to hide the dissatisfaction of Congress.

Numerous sources in the President’s camp have reported to journalists that Trump has a small role in extending the Senate bill, not in the Chamber version, as McConnell is attempting to lead the move.

A top Trump administration official who asked for anonymity said that McConnell's team wanted Trump to pull out and show that they were confident they could get a health bill passed.

But McConnell's allies have strongly rejected the idea that the majority leader is leading the process and that he has heavy influences.

Don Stewart, director of communications for the majority leader, said Trump does nothing to promote legislation. Stewart denied that McConnell had urged Trump officials to start the show of power.

McConnell's defense for the failure

Stewart said that McConnell and Trump talked all the time, and the president and other administration staff talk to members when they feel it is needed.

He also objected to the main White House claim that McConnell expressed the conviction that the health bill would pass. According to Stewart, McConnell, never said we have voted in talks with the White House because the proposed legislation is constantly changing.

McConnell has set up a 13-year working group to draft a health bill. As of now, they will be headed back to work on it since the GOP Health Care Bill failed again. With the accusations flying, there is no telling what they will come up with next.