senator john mccain is now recovering “amazingly well” after his surgery. His office has posted an official statement detailing his health condition. Unfortunately, he has a Brain Tumor called glioblastoma.

What kind of surgery did he undergo?

The office of the senator shared the official statement regarding his condition. On the official website of Senator John McCain, the statement from Mayo Clinic Hospital was posted.

According to the clinic’s statement, the senator had a surgery last Friday, July 14, to eliminate a blood clot from above the left eye of the lawmaker.

The post detailed that the blood clot was connected with a glioblastoma, a primary brain tumor.

The doctor also reported that the McCain family are considering more treatment options together with the Mayo Clinic care team. Among the options being considered is the combination of radiation and. Chemotherapy. Amidst the sad news, the doctors also mentioned that the health of the senator is still “excellent.”

Loving messages of support poured in for Senator McCain

The four presidents – elder George Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald J. Trump – have already expressed their sincerest well-wishes for Sen. McCain. They have released statements to encourage the latter to recover faster than expected, New York Times has noted.

In the same website, the office of the senator also released their own statement regarding his condition. The office expressed their gratitude to the people who have poured out their loving support.

It also mentioned that the senator wishes to express his gratitude to the people and to the doctors and staff at Mayo Clinic for their excellent service.

Furthermore, the office also shared that they have full confidence that he is in good hands. The 2008 Republican presidential nominee believes that future treatments from the said hospital will benefit him.

Sen. McCain is now recuperating at his home in Arizona. The office could not confirm any date when he can resume his office. The statement only said the care team from the Mayo Clinic will provide the update on his return date.

What is glioblastoma?

According to the report of The Brain Tumor Charity, glioblastomas are labeled as grade 4 brain cancer because of its capacity to speedily grow and spread. It is considered the most common high-grade primary brain tumor for grown-ups.

Similar to the other kinds of brain tumors, there is no way to determine the cause of glioblastoma. As of this time, the organization is still doing its continuous research to discover the possible causes of the tumor.

The report also mentioned that it is not even possible to know how to avoid or what not to do to prevent the tumor from developing in the person’s brain.

Meanwhile, we are sending our heartfelt prayers for the complete recovery of Senator McCain. We will give more progress report in our next update.