On Tuesday, trump visited Texas to survey damages caused by the devastating hurricane Harvey personally. The tropical storm has hit hard on Houston rendering many residents homeless.

At least 18 people have been killed as the mighty storm brought catastrophic flooding to Texas and beyond.Houston was brought to a halt as the ravaging Harvey flooded major highways and kept many people stranded in their homes. Harvey would be ranked among the most expensive natural disaster to have ever struck the US, with damages predicted to worth billions.

Rapid response

Relief officials have provided temporary housing for almost 19,000 people, with tens of thousands more expected to flee the flooded areas as the flooding continues to expand to other areas not initially affected. As of Tuesday morning, almost 50,000 homes were affected by severe flood damages, and the number is expected to be on the increase.

The Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner declared curfew from 12 – to 5 a. m. following reports of looting, impersonation of security personnel and armed robberies. About a third of the 4.6 million population of Harris County were affected by the flooding.

About a fifth of America’s crude oil refining capacity has been affected by Harvey, triggering concerns about the availability of gasoline across the country.

On Tuesday afternoon, Residents of Houston glimpsed partial sunlight for the first time since the storm began. However, the forecast predicts that 6 to 12 inches of rain are expected through Thursday.

The dams and drainage systems that protect the city have been badly damaged. Harris County officials have advised residents to leave the area as water is released from overflowing reservoirs to reduce the pressure on dams.

Officials say the storm is heading toward Louisiana.

Trump commend efforts

However, President Trump has called for a concerted relief effort. Trump who is trying to manage the first major natural disaster since he assumed office, made the call when he spoke at the Corpus Christi near where Harvey initially came ashore as the most devastating hurricane to hit Texas in more than five decades.

Trump said it was an epic proportion that has never happened before in US history. He talked much of the tropical storm Harvey, before meeting with state and federal officials for the proper briefing. The Republican President said he was highly pleased with the response.