Donald Trump may be assessed by a panel of psychiatrists and physicians if a "long-shot" proposal by Democrats is implemented. The effort is being led by Maryland Democrat, Rep. Jamie Raskin, who's rallying his colleagues to support a bill that could "potentially oust the President if he was mentally or physically unfit," CNN reports.

Donald Trump fuels more anger

The outcry to remove Trump from office escalated after he tweeted disparaging comments about "Morning Joe's" co-host, Mika Brzezinski on Thursday. He lobbed barbs at Mika and her co-host, Joe Scarborough, as revenge against them for negative reporting on his presidency.

He went as far as to say that Mika was "bleeding badly from a face-lift" when he saw her at Mar-a-Lago on New Year's Eve. He continued a series of tweets attacking their TV show and insulted Mika's intelligence on Saturday morning by calling her "dumb as a rock."

Bill that could potentially remove president

Raskin wants to establish an 11-member commission primarily consisting of medical experts in what's known as the "Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity." Trump would have to submit to a medical examination by the experts in order for them to determine whether he has the physical and mental capabilities to performing his duties.

According to the report, two panel members would also include former senior level officials that once served as president, vice president, attorney general or secretary of state.

It's considered a "long-shot" path to remove Trump from office, but it's connected to the Constitution's 25th Amendment that was proposed by Congress in 1967 after John F. Kennedy' assassination. It's purpose is to have procedures in place for replacing a president who's considered unable to effectively lead the nation due to physical or mental issues.

Bill gains steam

24 Democrats so far are behind the bill in an effort to get Trump out of office. Raskin is reportedly focused on one section of the amendment that allows the vice president to take over if either the majority of the Cabinet or a "body" of Congress agree Trump isn't fit to lead. Raskin is fighting to have his commission be the "body."

One area that would be a colossal challenge is that the vice president must agree with the commission's determination of the president's capabilities.

If such a scenario occurred where the doctors declared President Trump unfit to serve in office, Vice President Mike Pence would have to agree with the commission's decision.

If the panel deems Donald Trump incapacitated, he has the right to appeal it, but 75 percent of both the House and Senate must support the commission's decision if he's to be removed from holding power. If less than that percentage agree, Trump would continue as president.

Raskin first introduced the proposal in April and is getting more Democrats on-board.