President Donald Trump has reached his limit with the epidemic of violence in Chicago and says that he's sending in federal agents to help clean up the mess. A city known for its tragic deaths at the hands of gangs, shootings, and other violent crime has become one of Trump's main priorities to make things better in the U.S.

Trump warned city 6 months ago

On January 24, Trump threatened to send in the feds if the problem didn't get any better. Trump tweeted that if the city can't get the "horrible carnage" under control, he'll send in the feds. The president also listed the statistics in his message, as seen below.

President sends in the feds

Trump loves to make announcements on Twitter and he made a big one early Friday morning by writing that he's sending federal agents into Chicago since the carnage continues. His tweet below was posted that indicated he was taking measures immediately to quell the violence in the city.

Report confirms federal agents are in the city

The Chicago Sun-Times confirms that Trump has sent 20 agents from the U.S.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to the city. The federal agents are joining 40 additional agents who were already in Chicago. The force is working alongside the the Chicago Police Department and the Illinois State Police to create a strike force in order to crack down on gun traffickers and better solve shooting-related crimes with the utilization of ballistics technology.

In March, Attorney General Jeff Session met with Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson to talk about the strike force. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was reportedly "instrumental" in getting the plan moving along and that Celinez Nunez, the head of the ATF in Chicago, wasted no time in getting the strike force together.

Colossal job ahead for federal agents

Agents have a huge job ahead of them with the rate of murders in 2017 being about the same as 2016. Last year Chicago had 760 deaths and was the most the city had seen in 20 years. So far, there have been 320 murders in the city up to June 29, and the same time last year it was at 322, the police department reports.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel hasn't been able to fix the problems with his own resources and Trump believes he needs help getting the city in a better place. Chicago has a population of 2.7 million and has the highest crime rate of any U.S. city. He's not a Donald Trump fan, but one would like to think he's grateful for a strike force being assembled to make Chicago a safer place.