Recently obtained public records detailing Jane Sanders' controversial acquisition of land from the local Roman Catholic diocese for the now-defunct Burlington College paint a rather disturbing portrait of the wife of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

According to Judicial Watch, a letter from Jane Sanders to an attorney who represented a group home reveals the former president of Burlington College's frustration over her inability to force the disabled residents from the premises.

Bernie's wife said dealing with disabled residents was an unfair burden

In Sanders' letter to Attorney Todd Centybear, she states that she found it "unfair" that the home's 16 disabled residents refused to leave the property after the land was purchased by the college from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, and called dealing with the residents a "burden."

“It is simply not fair to expect the College to continue to carry the burden of the expenses associated with housing both your population and ours until February 2012," Sanders wrote to Centybear.

The 2010 transaction involved the acquisition of 32 acres of land and a 77,000-square-foot facility that had once been an orphanage but was later transformed into a group home for the disabled.

The Diocese of Burlington was forced to sell the property in order to pay off a $17 million settlement stemming from a series of sexual abuse lawsuits. The former orphanage was to become the centerpiece of Burlington College's expansion.

Under the terms of the deal, Jane Sanders was to be responsible for relocating the disabled residents before the college took possession of the property.

Rather than transferring the residents to a different facility, however, Sanders attempted to kick them out. The residents resisted Sanders' efforts.

"The exchange shows not only Jane’s heartlessness but also her incompetence as the college president," Judicial Watch declared on Thursday.

Sanders' plan for expansion was a spectacular failure, resulting in her resignation as president of Burlington College and the subsequent collapse of the cash-strapped school.

Sanders bankrupted school but walked away with $200k

In September of 2011, less than a year after the land acquisition from the Diocese of Burlington, Sanders turned in her letter of resignation. While the school teetered on the brink of financial ruin, Sanders' lawyers were successful in negotiating a severance package worth approximately $200,000.

Because of her role in the bankrupting of Burlington College, Jane Sanders is currently under federal investigation for bank fraud.

While facts about the controversial real estate transaction are just now coming to light, Sanders' dealings raised red flags during the Obama administration. According to Judicial Watch, the FBI began investigating Jane Sanders during while Obama was still in office for allegedly falsifying documents in order to obtain a $10 million loan for the ill-fated college expansion project.

The loan was to be repaid through donations and bequests, but when the donor dollars stopped rolling in, the school's financial collapse-- and the downfall of Jane Sanders-- became imminent.