Ivanka Trump didn't weigh in on the fresh controversy regarding her father's conduct towards women. He made two major slips in the White House after holding up a rather decent record as the U.S. president for not offending anyone too much over his infamous jabs towards women. He managed to do it twice in one week by first signalling out a female journalist in the Oval Office by telling her she had a "nice smile" and, secondly, going after Mika Brzezinski of 'Morning Joe' by tweeting she had a "low IQ" and was "bleeding badly from a face lift" when he saw her earlier this year.

Ivanka considers father's tweets "politics" even when they're personal attacks

Earlier this week Ivanka Trump told "Fox and Friends" that she "tries to stay out of politics" when asked about her father's bad Twitter habits. In the case of Donald Trump attacking Brzezinski, it wasn't about politics at all and neither was his conduct in summoning a blonde reporter over to his desk to compliment her smile while in the middle of a phone call to the newly elected prime minister of Ireland. One can only imagine that Ivanka must have some opinion about all of this but is unwilling to open up.

First daughter appeared somber leaving town

Daily Mail reports that Ivanka was seen leaving her home in Washington, D.C.around 7 a.m.

on Friday with her three children Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore. The first daughter and special assistant to the president was unsmiling when she appeared. Her lips were pursed while staff loaded her luggage into the black SUV. As the report notes, Ivanka is usually smiling and waving to the cameras when she exits the house, but not this time.

She was seen wearing a blue-and-white-striped wrap dress with her hair pulled back into a braid and wearing sunglasses.

Ivanka and the children are apparently heading to Bedminster, New Jersey, where Donald and Melania will meet them later on the 4Th Of July. Jared Kushner was seen leaving home 40 minutes after the rest of his family took off.

Ivanka might be tired and desiring a break

Ivanka Trump could just be tired and ready for another break. Due to her position within the "political" world at the White House, however, each of her expressions makes the news. This is especially true since her father has seemingly returned to his old ways with women.

In the meantime, Melania Trump has defended her husband's actions. Her spokesperson said yesterday that when the president is attacked, he "punches ten times harder." Does Ivanka Trump feel the same about the tweet in which he went after the MSNBC host?