President Donald Trump has admitted his tweets are out of the boundaries of decency. The New York Post reported that the president asked White House staff for some feedback on his Thursday morning tweets against “Morning Joe” hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.

He was quoted by a source close to the White House as saying, “I know it wasn’t presidential, but what do you think?” The question aimed to get some reaction from employees and sense what the fallout might be. The report said some staffers gave their thumbs up to the tweets, while others simply bowed their heads.

White House under siege

The Twitter storm that Trump created, because of the perception the president was sexist when he said Mika’s alleged botched facelift caused her face to bleed when she was at Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve, has led to a feeling that the entire White House is under siege. At the same time, it is also the week when CNN had to retract a story about the Russian interference and this seems to have brought back the aggressive mood in the Oval Office.

It would likely explain why Trump tweeted on Saturday that he continues to use social media despite being urged by Republicans and other to stop, simply because he won the election. In another tweet, the real estate billionaire insisted his use of social media is modern-day presidential.

Not bad people

Trump also aimed his tweets, described by former CBS anchor Dan Rather as lacking a sense of decency, at the NBC bosses of Joe and Mika.

He is apparently aware of the bipartisan public sympathy towards the two hosts, so Trump instead wrote “Morning Joe” has low ratings and the show is dominated by the NBC bosses.

He cited the firing on Thursday of Greta Van Susteren, an anchor at the cable new because she allegedly refused to be a part of the hate Trump campaign of MSNBC.

The New York Post, however, reported that Van Susteren’s show lasted only six months on MSNBC because the show of the former Fox News host – which explains why she is allegedly pro-Trump – is rated No. 30. Her competitor, Bret Baier, on her former station, is rated No. 5.

Drunk Trump?

Mashable, meanwhile, reported that author J.K. Rowling, who had been trolling the president, has a theory behind Trump’s early morning tweets. The website, however, pointed out that the billionaire does not drink which shatter’s the theory of the author.

Her theory could be because of the exchange on the same morning between Trump and astronaut Buzz Aldrin when the president signed the executive order on the National Space Council and he talked about infinity, while not aware that “infinity and beyond” was a catchphrase of Aldrin.